Been to California, ESA in ‘lanta

I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my long life, but wait, there will surely be more to come!

At the International Airport in ‘lanta, I came upon this little fellow:


The writing might not be that easy to read, but this dog is actually an “Emotional Support Animal”.

I smiled loudly, but no one else seemed to be affected by either the dog, or my outburst.

I asked the girl with the dog if I might take its picture, which she consented to, but looked a bit lost when I did so.

Living in Denmark must have dulled my senses, as I never had heard of such a thing before. I could of course read about it on the Internet, like here:, or here:

Which means that I could register my own Support Animal, taking it with me on trips such as this one, reassuring me when I needed it most?

All right. Stop pointing your fingers at me. Insensitive, am I? No. Just ignorant.

They must be important for some people, and because I never have heard of them before, doesn’t make me a bad person.


Just an ignorant one…..