You might have heard about a singer named, John Denver? Yes, No, Maybe. In one of his songs he sings, “It’s a long time, to hang in the sky” (Starwood in Aspen)

That pretty much sums up the flight over the Atlantic Ocean. There is a long way to go, and nowhere to move your legs!

Amazingly, I only have one photo from that journey:


What was I thinking about? I don’t know. Perhaps why I was traveling to the USA, or perhaps why the people around me didn’t say that much for those 8 hours and 44 minutes! I saw a few movies, and ate a few meals.

Enjoy this real-time photo, which is just a photo of a monitor, which I just happened to remember to take a picture of, for no reason at all.

Where is the next destination? Someplace with more than 1 photo. Atlanta, Georgia! or, ‘lanta, if you’ve been there before……

PS I am almost ashamed to put this blog in the “travel” category, but the only other place to be would be “uncategorized”, then you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?

end of blog….

PPS. Oh by the way, if you don’t have anything to do until my next uncategorized, travel blog then try listening to John D.: