A Short Bike Trip to Aalborg

Some of you might have been missing the Denmark-part of this blog? I’d like a show of hands (everyone except Cyranny of course), who has missed this part of the blog?

Well, it doesn’t matter one way or the other, as today’s blog concerns a short bike trip to Aalborg.

Here is the customary map, courtesy of Google Maps:

cykel rute

There was a cold wind from the north, which is usually attributed to Norway, but it was a nice trip, nonetheless.


This is the view to the north after the first hill. I knew where my legs and lungs were, but decided to continue anyway.


This is a view of the southerly hospital in Aalborg, Syghus Syd. The older building is now dwarfed by the newer buildings in the background.



Google felt at this point in time that I needed the above picture, which I agreed to.


Here is a closer shot of the older hospital, which is now mainly used for other things than patients.


This nifty sign tells cyclists that they are number ?? bicycle for the day. It also tells your speed and how long it is to the center of town, but as I had stopped to take this picture, my speed was then 0 kilometers an hour.


Here is an intersection a bit farther ahead.


If any of you doubted my assertion that I was on a bike, then here is a bit of proof!



Here is another Google rendition of a building next to the train tracks. I took it to show the 3 statues/towers placed on this and the next 2 buildings, which normally aren’t seen while driving in the city.



The train station is in the background, but if you can’t see its fine detail and many tracks then you’ll have to take my word for it.



Looking back to the north, I finally can give my legs and lungs the message that it is all downhill from here.



One of Aalborg’s many fine hotels, the Phoenix is seen on the left-hand side. One thing that is characteristic about Denmark are the many flags seen here and there. I don’t feel the need to salute them, nor break out in the Danish National Anthem, which by the way doesn’t have any bombs bursting, or the like, but I still respect the flag as a symbol of The Kingdom of Denmark.




This statue of a bull symbolizes both the City of Aalborg and Himmerland, the peninsula in which Aalborg is located.




Here is where I’ll be turning to the right, otherwise I’ll have to bike over the drawbridge separating Aalborg and Nørresundby to the north of the Limfjord Canal.


There are some fountains spewing their water, as I take this picture of a rather largish Cruise Ship sporting flags from Nassau.


It isn’t the largest ship that I’ve seen here, but it does tend to fill up this part of the harbor a bit.


Here is a former Ice-breaker called Elbjørn. This is now a restaurant, and guess what? It is for sale! Just 6,5 Million Kroner ( almost $ 1,000,000). A steal at half the price!



Here is the drawbridge mentioned before, between Aalborg and Nørresundby.



With the Cruise Ship in the background, and Elbjørn on the left, there is still some room for a game of basketball.


Patterns on the street looking East.


Patterns on the street looking West.


My final shot is of the drawbridge, just a bit farther to the West. I’ll be peddling home now, with less energy than I started with, but then isn’t that what exercise is all about?


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