The Fire, Hotter

She kicked off her shoes
high heels, red bright
the colors burned embers
into my eyes,

My first impressions
what she kept hidden
the door, barred and bolted
with curtains drawn,
her eyes closed
then opened with a glow
of recognition,
the evening covering the day,
the advent of the night, darkness
swallowing all truth, disguising
all lies,
The lies, something I told myself
why I wanted her, what drew me
drawn and quartered, her long hair
dangling, the noose hung low,
hung until death stopped all movement,
something that waited, watching
while I traversed the courtyard
hurrying while the darkness first covered
than ate all trace of my being
following me to where she lived
where she breathed, the fire
hotter, the embers burned an impression
in my hand, as I took hold of the handle
the entry to her darkness,
something lurked
someone, told me, whispering
rasping an answer, while I felt my way
along the walls, the glow pulled
and grasped some part of me
stumbling over, her high heels
red bright, glowing
the pain, searing my eyes,
blinding me, binding me

The night hid everything
it wanted to hide
no signs of life
no sounds

no sounds

except for her breathing, her breathing…


New Tricks

I would like
my dog
to teach
my children
new tricks

He eats bananas
of their
listens intently
when I tell him
how healthy
power foods

His level
of anti-oxidants
decrease his chances
for getting cancer,
and when he licks
my bowl of oatmeal
he gets his daily dose
of roughage,

He gets plenty
of exercise
running, walking, barking
out in the fresh air,

He sleeps without
having to wait until
his cell phone is charged
and doesn’t care
if his friends text him
at 3am,

He is loyal
and almost always happy
even at 6am when the day

He has lots of friends
that accept him for what
he is, even if he is
different, without having combed
his fur, or worrying
about having the latest
most fashionable
flea collar,

He doesn’t need
to teach them everything
all at once,
but if they are attentive
and obey his commands
they might just turn out
to be
as he

As I Wandered

As I wandered
down a weekend Sunday
along the streets, along the roads
not any particular deciding route
along the wayside, along the waterside,

As we walked along
this weekend Sunday
hand in hand, not a sound
not a worry, blue sky this day
along the roadside, along the way,

As you walked along
this day called Sunday
not a word, not a name
just a wandering, thoughts adrift
just a wondering, heart is pounding,

As I walked along this day, Sunday
as I wondered why, where you were
as I pondered, as I looked
behind me, beside me
where you were?

As we strolled along this life, all days
as we together wandered
as we together wondered
why this life, why this Sunday
why we laughed, all of our now days,

As we wandered
down a weekend Sunday
along the streets, where we found love dear
along the roads, where we never would part
along the wayside, along the waterside

Along these feelings
these feelings with you….

If She Wrote Me, Asking

If she wrote me
if she wrote me asking
to help, to be there
if she wrote to me
asking, not for pity,
don’t turn away, I need to know
don’t turn me off, I need you help
what would I be, a person
to turn my back on
a friend in need,
not considering what we are
who we are,
not forgetting, who we are
as people, who we extend
how we extend ourselves,
If she wrote me, if she asked
even if she didn’t
even if she dared to reach out
dared to ask, dared to live
even if she were in pain,
the pain of living, we all know
If she wrote to me,
and I wrote to her,
and what I said, would I say
to anyone else, needing a hand
just a notice, a hand upraised,
a mere mention,
If she wrote to me,
if she, being special, special to me
if she needed a virtual hug
a smile, unseen
a wave goodbye, fare thee well,
get well soon, see you again
If she wrote to me,

If she wrote to me, asking

Rolling Pumpkins

Rolling pumpkins

better than rolling drunks

or, sugar donuts hitting the floor

while I was laughing, you crying,

Rolling pumpkins

my tires tired of my sense of humor

orange tire-treaded streets

my dog spit out the rubber,

when rubber it was not,

Rolling pumpkins

lighter than bowling balls

here is looking up your old alley

orange you glad to see me?

Rolling pumpkins

just a light repast

no worries, no carved intentions

I’m just glad we don’t live

at the bottom of the street…

I Felt as If

I felt as if she was messing about
with my mind
I felt as if she looked over my shoulder
every chance she got

I felt as if she took advantage
of every situation
I felt as if she was close enough to touch
ready to strike me down,
ready to bite the hand that fed her,
ready to drive me over, then back up

I should feel lucky
getting all that attention
from one woman
completely without any strings

I felt as if my life was in danger
at every turn
I felt as if I was being monitored
watched, spied upon,

I felt as if my life was not my own
as if there were pods in the cellar
as if the aliens had sucked out my brains
as if I was going out of my cotton-picking mind

Just a feeling, that’s all
no cause for alarm,
no need to check for monsters
under my bed,

Not until she stops watching me
from my clothes closet
that is…..

One Step Closer

Just one step
possibly losing
my balance
into her love,

Just one breath
the one before admitting
the one when I said I love
just one breath before,

Just one life
one life, sharing
with her, only with her beside
wanting only
my God if only, I could
convince her

Convince her
to be mine
brushing aside the games
the uncertainty,
the willingness to turn away
to throw away a chance
of a lifetime,

I need courage to ask
to move
one step closer

Only one step between
us now,

Only one breath between
us now,


Knowing Her

Knowing her
something, I never will
I do know her
than you do, than you all do

Do you know
what she thinks?
what she wants?
what she feels?

Knowing her
a lesson in life
you might have read
what she writes to the world
but do you know her, you don’t

Do you know
how she looks at the world?
how she looks at love?
how she wants to be loved?

Knowing anyone
a process being
changing, ever
not one thought forever, being
not one thought defining
who someone is inside

Knowing her
something others never truly will
I attempt, I comprehend
some of the parts of her whole

Knowing her
just fragments, parts with edges
never interlocking, fully
her pleasant way of being
her pleasant way of knowing

Do you know her?
I think not, I think not
for she is the only one
who best knows herself

And who really knows
who we are inside?….

Being Young

No, not young
as young is today
just young in my mind
just like always

I cannot think
like young people do
time has gone, run on past
running faster all the time

In my mind
my mind’s eye, I think
I can believe anything I want
I can be any age,
I am any age,

Through my eyes
the rest of you cannot see
what exactly I see
I look out, while others
look in,

Being young
such a long time ago
it seems,
still being young
just the way that I was
back then,

still existing
in the now….

Blue Light Madness

The streets
glisten, the rain falls
the blue lights flash
the blue lights flash,

The cars don’t care
one of their own, fallen
by the wayside

People, figures in the darkness
huddled together,
blue light madness, greets
sirens glare, sirens howl,

The cars in front, music playing
look out the window, rolled down
no one we know, no one we care,
the windows rolled up
the music playing, moving on,

The City is calling
the night closes ranks, the music plays
while the streets glisten
the cars roll on by, the blue lights

Figures in the darkness,
sobbing, pointing,
the streets glisten, the cars roll on by

Lost in their indifference