A book
worn and used
as if its time were in
broken, its back was,
broken, as if it resided
upon a certain page,
reflecting a certain passage,
as we once lay together,
rising up, looking back
telling me, the time was fading
our time,
placing a bookmark,
where she wrote,
what she felt,
what she knew,
the book, being nothing
like it was in its past,
lost was it,
lost in some box, on a shelf, alone
reading it, one day
while thinking of her,
why she went away,
-our time, being
not lasting, yearning
longing after, searching,
finding, expressing, relaxing
in your arms,
the past called,
return must I, alone
without, denying, regretting,
marking the page
explanations and such
mere words, cannot express
cannot explain, why
why even I lack the answers

Gone was she
with nary a word,
the tears I cried
a river, a flood,
missing you, anger
regret, denial, rebirth
longing for your touch
longing to hear your voice,

away, away
gone for a while
a half lifetime, perhaps
unfinished business
an unfinished life

while you read
these words, my words
think of me, won’t you
the smallest request
the only part of me
I never would find again,
without you….