The Last Tear

As you boarded the ship
the final journey, looking ahead
while I only behind
could see,
you reached out your hand
asking me to journey along
at least until the point
of no return,

I wiped a tear from my eye
as I stood by your side,
not wanting to look,
not wanting to accept

“Cry not”, she said
while laughing a bit
“look at me, and you’ll know
that soon the time of the tears
will lie behind us”

I still looked behind me
where the tears flowed freely
wanting something, I could not have
wanting something, I could not fathom

The dolphins swam alongside us
the water frothy on top
giving way to the inky depths

I only stood at the railing
glued to that spot, looking
hypnotized at the blackness
the unknown below,

“Silly you”, she told me suddenly
just quickly enough causing me to imagine
my headward plunge into the depths
no hands to rescue me, as I sank below
out of sight, the others
crying tears of sadness,
tears of the finality, the end of all ends

“I imagined this time”, she said at once
pulling me back towards the surface
shaking off the salty brine, eyes in disbelief,
rescued, I was

She told me of her vision
a life here, a life there
no transition between the two
we only stood on the shore
waving and crying, mourning our loss
while you, being all smiles
only laughed again,

The last tear, has not been cried
her words like her voice, echoed
in my mind,
these tears will turn to smiles
the living in-between spaces
before the tears return again,

I only stood there
her words hanging in my mind, while she
while her journey continued
her ship becoming smaller
disappearing from my memory

I wiped a tear from my eye
feeling better knowing
that wouldn’t be the last tear that
I would cry

When the memory of this event
this sorrowful, this tearful event
begins to enter my memory leaving
the the present to be itself
rumbling along toward the future,
these tears will fade as well,

Waiting as well
for my own vision
a ship journeying
taking me farther than tears could cry
taking me along where the dolphins swam

Alongside the inky depths
and the unknown beckoning to me…