As We Walked Together

The road called out to me
but she hesitated
not entirely sure of leaving
the life she knew,
the people the friends
the warmth of the evening sunsets
while the light faded
the shadows around her
blazed alight

“Will you think of me, never?”
she called out to me
when it seemed as if my feet
traveled faster than hers
my shadow not being aligned
not being parallel with hers

I thought of her then,
and the ensuing hours before
as if every waking hour, every breath
taken, every drop of the first sunlight
the quiet shadows of the evening
when I thought of her,

“Why does the restlessness bite so hard?”
the hours in between the light and the dark
calling out as it were, painting pictures
darkened outlines, illuminated
images which being diffuse,
coagulating into dreams, not yet

As we walked together
along life’s road
it was as if, at time we chose
as if choosing wanted other pathways
tugging at us, calling, whispering
separating us from each other

We continue our journey, together
although separate in our thoughts
at times,
for even in the beginning of knowing
one another,
we still didn’t know

Walking along this stretch of highway
along this path, this meander

with you……