The heat
of the day
not yet begun

I started to sweat
beads of water, exiting
my mind attempted
to cool itself, showering
my memory

A velvet waterfall,
bubbled and shouted
the base of the falls among
the slippery, shark fin rocks
the moss, the life seething
the current flowing deep
the coolness, the inky colors
where sunlight failed to announce
its arrival,
the river began to dry
the banks showed the hidden,
the fish gasping for air, the reeds
losing their flute-like tones
the music was fading
in my mind,

I wiped my brow
and watched as the droplets hung,
hesitated for a moment’s time
disappearing, into the sands below

My thoughts dried out
and begun to adjust themselves

The sun, relentless
in its arc across the sky
the heat, chasing out
all other thoughts

From my otherwise cool,
and moist imagination…