So much of life
depends not on luck
or wealth, or love

A matter of timing
being there at the right time
or, being in that exact place
might just, could help to attain
what we want the most

If I had never started writing blogs
at that moment in 2015
then I would never have considered
emptying my mind daily
on this virtual piece of paper,

So many of you would never
have had the opportunity
to have your coffee/tea grow cold
or losing, pulling your hair out
reading, cursing, tossing the tablet
out of the window
off the 10th floor, having your dog
do unseen things with it,
due to
the unknown factor

The chaos effect
which my blogging tended to cause

It all boils down to a matter of timing
and my wife, who said
“Go ahead, what can it hurt………”