My Outside House

Lacking walls
and a floor,
looking upward,
the sky beckoned
shining its countenance
down upon my most humble
of structures,
the meadow deer ate
from my outstretched
hands, while the birds sang
and the leaves blew
while I sat there wondering
while I sat there, dreaming,

My door, open
invited the outside welcome
not intending to own
hinges and locks
nor, shades to hide
showing the world outside
the inside, the look
the mere fact of living, being
was open for all to see,
was open for all to enjoy,

Nor was my loneliness contained
within my house, within its walls
it shined like a thousand suns
burning, inviting, wanting to share
the entity, that was me
the inside, the outside, all sides
all faces, all shades of sorrows, of joys
all nuances, be they good, or less so

My outside house
looking into, and out of
the most humble of structures

of life….