One of indifference
I might add,
not wanting to admit
feelings, stored, or flighty
being concealed
most definitely behind

A mask, she wore
having decided that
the truth, hidden
was 1000 times better
than one truth

That one truth
I had asked for
a simple expression
not wanting her to bear
not wanting her to put so

Having to spell it out
as it were,
left a bad taste in her mouth
her body shook and quivered
mouth going dry at the thought
the thought of telling me
the thought of admitting
to the both of us,

Her mask, adjusted and polished
a degree of pride, she wore
not having to relinquish, nor dispose
leaving things as the status quo
building barriers instead of tearing
them down,

Accept things
doggedly, without reservation
being who I was, and who she..
being who she intended to be,
without any further meddling
or interference from anyone,
even my love for her just couldn’t
wouldn’t be able to break down the walls
entering the realm of her stubborn heart

Allowing me, once and for all
to love her like she deserved

Like what I thought
she deserved….