A Multitude, A Gathering

Wanting answers
I gathered first my senses
about me, asking, wondering, hoping
an answer to find,

A gathering, a multitude
a large number would be necessary
telling me, perhaps even shouting
gesturing back towards me
where I the answer find could,

I looked within myself,
the questions grew more numerous
asking was no good, as I only asked
once again,

Seeking answers
the whys of why I should be lacking
lacking in knowledge of someone so near
yet farther than far,
was she now

The multitude could not answer
the questions, I could not ask
why trust strangers to fill my cup
when I myself, possessed the water
the knowledge, the spring everlasting,

The replenishing waters beacme,
the coolness
running down my face, cooling, blessing
a baptism of my own endeavor
cleansing my thoughts, purifying,

Some seek answers from with out
while some seek answers from within

My questions dealing with
the past, present future
the latter not being for me to see
not for me to decide,

All of the answers,
the answers begat questions, more
and they did the same, until
until I reminded myself
that not all things in this life
that not all questions in this life

can be answered….