A Journey, One of Many

Today, I went out
not expecting to travel far
but a journey, it was
all the same

We be travelers
first walking, then flying
the time spent in our
imaginations, wondering
striving, parked along the wayside
not moving, stuck in life’s
traffic jam

I extended my hand
wondering if someone else
would do the same,

Time does seem to hurry by
increasing in speed, changing
well, changing my perspective
altering the way I think I live I love

Time itself
begins to seem different
the impatience of youth
the complacency of being an adult
an increase in my questions
of what is to come
in the end, in the end

Today’s journey
being one of many
along this stretch of road
this busy highway, the garden path
a mountain meadow, a dusty street
all of these places, spaces,
all of these journeys, where I had been
where I am today,
where I am going tomorrow

I extended my hand
not knowing if there would be someone
anyone traveling along the same lines
in the same direction,
as I

The car was hot in the noonday sun
my air-conditioned thoughts
awaited the opportunity to exit
to leave my otherwise
metal frame of mind,
the other cars parted company
allowing me to exit,
allowing me to stop one journey
only to begin another,

Another landscape
my mind generated
another journey
in this long life…