I am so faraway
from you now

It hurts to think
that time and space
have put their heads together
deciding my life’s changes
rearranging the tables
closing the doors, stopping me
from reaching you,

There were times when
nearing you, I was
there were times when our hands
reached out, electrical impulses created
sparks flying, opposites attracted
the animals of the forest bowed down
and I,
I wept at the joy found by your side
allowing me to journey, to walk the distance
to pull the chains binding the day
we walked and spoke, as if we had always known
the both of us, yes – we two,
who chanced upon a crescent moon,
and slid into each other arms,
when the cusps
could no longer keep us apart,

So faraway, we became,
when our dreams no longer
could agree
splitting in two
with you on your cloud,
and I on mine,
and the distance between us
the way we no longer seemed
to agree

So faraway, my love
you have become
even lover’s star-crossed
shooting, exploding around us
passages in the sky above
failing to join us
an ill omen, perhaps
shouting out the displeasure
crawling along the ground below
sighting your form, above

I fear this distance
the gap between your mind and mine
our hands now turned away
from their meeting, their joining
not to be
not to be

I am so faraway
from you now

Even my mind’s thoughts
cannot repair, what I had thought
eternal to be

Eternal to be