Who are you

someone reading this now
have you found me
by losing your way?

Who writes, what we read
who empties their mind
conjuring images, weaving words
who has swallowed a dictionary
of words?

Who has chosen
to write what they feel
to write what life has given them
or taken away?

What passions, what feelings
despair, excitement, the lover’s touch
the sting of rejection
the quiet love
exploding, fireworks, silent embers
fading ashes,

What I write, what others do
what I consider to share to send out
to hide, waiting
to toss, before any eyes have seen it
what I choose to grace the world with
what I choose to burden your thoughts

Life has choices, you know
we accept them, we are force fed them
they are thrown to us, the sun blocked
my eyes, my hands failed to grasp
the passion swallowed me up
then spit me out, laughing
the words bit me like sharp sided hail
tearing and chasing,
holding me in its warm embrace
singing me sweet songs, until I

fell asleep with your words resting
softly in my bed
next to someone, who
read my words and sighed

and sighed….