Paper Thin Thoughts

It’s not easy
finding things to give you
I want, I thought, I did
all wants that became
something else, at least
thought of for you,

bits of colored paper
reds, purples, yellows
all cut in various forms
showing the different people
we are inside

I wanted the silvers
and the golds, but found only
the blacks, oranges and shiny

I guess, it is not always easy
finding the richness in things
but other colors, the daily routines
suffice just as well,

My scissors
tried to cut your name, and mine
but the y’s continued to become v’s
and the me’s and the you’s didn’t quite fit

I thought of gluing them
overlapping our thoughts
of being together, but the end product
never was as pure as before

Finally, I found the golds
but not wanting them to dominate
I chose not the largest piece, but rather
one a bit more modest, showing
what you might expect
being with me

My paper-thin thoughts
and scissor sharp intentions
of making this present special
seem at times, to be lost in a myriad
of jumbles, which I call my mind thoughts,

Still, being the most special
the often thought about
the many colors and shapes
the shiny foil impressions
that remind me of you….