She Said, I Want

Want, have, wish
what do girls really think?
Sometimes, I think, I know
but I am a fool into thinking

“I want you”,
she told me
the you that is perfect
the you that showers me
with treasures, with hopes

But she gets, in the end
the me,
that says the wrong
that does the wrong
talking before thinking
doing without caring
well, just being the man
I am,

I want, I like the way, what you do

what I did, that one time
what I didn’t, all the other times

The dream of a girl
wanting, dreaming, hoping
the knight of her days
fading into the mist
the grey likes, the not quite
black or white likes,

What if?
what if, she got what she desired?
would I live up to expectations
dreams of passion, caring, thoughtful
careless, self-centered, selfish, ignorant

My many qualities,
both good and bad
not often the latter
spoken in the same light
of the former

Take me
I’m yours…..


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