The undulations
the long curves leading
along her legs, walking
along the quiet waters
she longed for

The healing, the forgiveness
that came, when the sins
of the days gone by, washed away
by the healing waters of his presence,

She asked, no pleaded with him
in words unspoken,
never should it be,
like the last time was, else
she feared to succumb
to her emotions, yet another
yet another time, had she fallen
into the way he took her
tempting her mind with mere words
that’s what he called them
mere words,

Touching her senses
without being present at all
the mind conjures and imagines
teases and longs for someone
with words being rightfully so
at the exact time and place, agreed on
when no other dares to barge in,

If only, he would promise
not to do, what he did so well
she wished and hoped
never like the last time was
when she loved him a bit too much
for only to wash the sins away again
by the healing waters of his presence