What are my beliefs?
who do I pray to
where am I going to
in the end of all ends?

What tune
will I be playing
when the tambourines
and the trumpets
are sounding, are playing?

Where have I been
who did I help
who helped me
how did I do that?

Where has your journey
led you my son,
have you followed the path
of righteousness, or
did you fall into the den
of iniquity?

So many questions
not enough answers
who do I answer to
after my life recedes
after my life ebbs out?

Realizing the death
admitting to the fact
that growing older
leads only to one thing
leads only to one thought
who am I, and where am I

Who do you pray to
where are you going
how will you attain
how will you eat of the fruits
of eternal salvation
how will you know
if believing is the right thing
if believing has the key
to the door

of eternity…..