I knew
once when I
younger was,
Finding you
not an easy task
time stretches, stumbles
clouds my memory
of you,
and me, being who
we were, back then
living for
driving furiously, wanting
wanting nothing more
no one other than who
who we were back then,
time was on our side, but
we wasted time, precious time
time to learn, time to argue
time to love, what love could mean
what it meant to us,
star-crossed lovers, lacking
well, lacking a plan to make
things work, being different
being the same, disagreeing
not a common course of thought,
passions aflame, misunderstanding
silence between us, the making up
the breaking up
my anger, your distress,
we tried and tried
again and again,
success obtained, lost again,

Someone, I knew
when I younger, was
finding you, losing you
things have changed now
being older, wiser, no regrets
not being able to find you,
sorry, I couldn’t love you
like you deserved, no regrets

I was looking for