Breaking Up

She hid my coffee
while I hid
her tablet
“that was the first straw
she said,”

She smashed my glasses
while I
I sent her an invitation
a romantic night out-
-cancelled due to indifference

She tried to make me jealous
with her sometimes boyfriend
while I taunted her
with an idea of me being married

We chased each other
through the rooms
yelling and shouting
denying any feelings
denying any further contact
between us

She and I
had it out at last
using the fighting room
to do the deed

“What”, she yelled
“what are you doing this for?”

I replied, “to break up
to break up, if we had been together
that is”

“I knew it, somehow”, she said
“I knew you would break my heart,
if you ever chanced to do so,”

“Yes, I said
that is the kind of guy
you don’t want to mess with”

Then we sat down
and ate a nice meal
wondering what it would be like

to be together….