Ending it All

25 hours
each day having
every minute,
every second
spent with you,

24 hours
never enough
7 days
hardly a moment
a breath
the time
of one electron
one sun burning
hydrogen to helium
one beat of my heart
one flap of your butterfly
one tear falling,
one life not
never being enough
one life not
existing knowing what
how, why
you feel, think, are
one life to share
thinking, believing, living
the thought of continuing
the will to live
the time being mine,
on this planet
this rock, this blue marble, this idea
this dream, dreamed
by others

Are you only
my dream?
did I do so,
dream of you?

Thinking of
ending it all
the search, the longing, the wait
the ability to find
to convince, to make you smile
to love
to love

Thinking of
ending it all
thinking of
you being, a beginning

a new start
a new way of thinking
a new way of loving

Did I,
only dream