I noticed you
when he did not
oh, your clever ways
and hidden desires
known to others
known only to you,
revealed to me
revealed to me,

I desired you
when he did not
warm sultry evenings
staring at the mirror
wondering why, how
and I stood behind you
waiting, watching for a tear
to fall,

I dreamed of you
when he did not,
no more dreams of you
no more plans to plan
no more passion
I was there
when he was not
I stood there
to one side, while you thought
you dreamed alone,
but you did not,

I loved you
when he did not
he wasted your time
he wasted your life
loving something else,
others and their ways
ignoring you, hurting you

I loved you
when he did not

I love you
still, though

he does not