The miles of this lifetime
rolled on outside my window
blurry images, greeted
my rear mirror memory
wanting to touch
wanting to be
together with those
the road had left behind,
the road had discarded, and forgotten
I rolled up the window
to the smallest crack
no need to be influenced
by the images around me
smiling faces, and tempting
just a breath of air,
keeping me awake
for just a while more,
I wondered when
the last exit would appear,
there didn’t seem to be
any indications,
any hints, or open tales
to tell,
my traveling companions
parallel in their thoughts
humming a tune, not unlike
my own, wondering
dreaming, watching the stars
watching the stars pointing the way
the way to the next town
destiny, it was called,

The miles of this lifetime
rolled on outside my window
the radio, being harder to tune
harder to remember where
the last good song was found
the last good song, I could

How would I know
if someone else takes
the wheel from me
how would I know
who I was, how I lived
how I loved,

The miles of this lifetime
rolled along outside my window
I was just a passenger,
a chance companion on the road
with someone else doing
with someone else doing the driving
making the decisions, not looking
back, not looking forward,
just rolling along
just letting the miles roll along

Sometimes I wish
I wish to be on the roof
of my moving vehicle
arms outstretched
waiting, expecting
nothing, everything to happen
the best, the worst
to come to me,
no one doing the driving
no one upsetting my dreams
my eternal dreams

If I now, close my eyes
if only for a second, if only for
the blink of an eye,
will I again wake up again
to the reality that I
have created?

If only
if only those that have gone lost
along the wayside, taking other roads
could only meet me
would only meet me at the crossroads
allowing us a moment
or, two
allowing us a moment
to reflect on old times,
having a laugh, or a cry or two
telling a story
without an ending
without a beginning

The story of
my life….