It seemed as if
the summer, long in its
short in its memory
waited and watched
cajoled me with its warmth
teasing me, until I relented
I walked, the length of the time
I thought was mine to enjoy
funny, how I was deluded into thinking
So many summers, gone by
so many warm days, tempting me
seducing me, holding and not letting
So many summers
treating me, as if I were the only
as if I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t
think of others
not while I spent time drifting
along a summer breeze,
grass blade in my mouth
whistling, with my summer
countenance on
wearing my heart on my sleeve
warning all others that I
was taken,
The summer, long
short in its memory
of what it promised me
the last time we danced together
the last time we walked
hand in hand,
gazing into each others eyes
promising, silently
words going unspoken
the months fading,
the autumn threatening,
My summer love,
departing on the last train,
handkerchief in hand
tears in her eyes,
waving a last wave
a final salute to summers,