I Climbed a Dream

Once I dreamed
atop a mountain
somewhere in
somewhere at

I climbed a dream
no nightmarish thoughts
airy ledges
seeing my death falling
below me

I, was me
atop a rocky crag
hopping boulders
sliding, gasping
the thin air
was choking me,

I climbed a dream
or, it allowed
a memory of somewhere
something in my past,
one of my past lives
one of my thoughts
when I stood atop
some rocks, one day alone

When I dreamed
when that memory, sparked
when the time came
to seize the moment
to grasp the golden ring
to revel in being who
that one who attained

That one who marveled
that dreams do come true
but only when I now
dream those dreams,
which I never considered
dreams to be,

Somewhere, I exist
atop a collection
any jumble of stones,
of rocky passages
cool mountain streams
cold nights, aching muscles

Waking aloud
“Catch me if I fall”
said to no one, but just
relaxing on the edge
of forever….