I’ve been hitting screws
and screwing nails
painting glass,
and yelling at someone
who looks like me
just on my good days

Building a house
a room with a roof
bring the inside, outside
or the outside in?

Building and wondering
who will judge, who will laugh?
building, hammering, sawing
nailing without nails, painting
well, painting with ugly colors
painting my fingers, and clothes
my dog and his toes
do dogs have toes?

I’ve put on a roof
one that leaks
one that shakes
and a floor that creaks
and walls that are glass
and stones thrown about
and dogs with painted toes,
if dogs have toes?

A picture?
Might as well get
a haircut first
cutting off the paint
hiding my thumbnails, black
hiding my intentions
inside the outside

My family
ready to move in
sofa, Internet,
bar stools, dog bed

I am on the inside
looking out to the inside
we are waving to each other
while I am drinking a beer,
enjoying my inside
while they enjoy their outside

If you wish
to know how
building an outside, inside
outside of my house,
inside room, without plans
using crooked wood,
and ugly paint,

I won’t tell you
I won’t

I wouldn’t deny you
all the fun that I’ve had

Drinking my beer,
looking out to the in
side of things

Out there….