Traffic Light, Red, Yellow, Green

Stop and go
the cadence of my life
with her, who else,
would let my pedal hit the floor
only to stop suddenly, her red light
flashing, sending out sparks, Danger!
I cried, but not her,
it was just her way, just her way
of telling me how fast she wanted me
how slow it should progress
and why it had to stop my traffic, just
when I thought the flow was flowing?
her waving yellow finger, told me that
if I sped up, or slowed to a stop, a difference
would make, a crossroads
in our relationship,
I longed for the days, my dog hanging
his head out of the window, and I
-and I making Vroom-Vroom sounds
along a quieter stretch of my life,

Stopping for that woman
crossing my crosswalk, defying the red
my yellow sensibility, my green passions,
wanting to go further, but the sound of

My dog whining in the car
might just have saved me the trouble

of running her red light…….