Sand in My Shoes

In my shoes
on my floor
in my bed

Sand is omnipresent
like your perfume
not wasted on corners
where we didn’t dance together
nor along the walls
where your presence
graced my home,

Being at home
being with you
the two blended together
a melange of flavors, colors
scents, the flowers leaned over
the windowsill where we sat
blowing bubbles at each other

Your leg slightly moving
touching mine in turn
my hand stroking your arm
your lips inviting me over,

I’ve given up
on sandy moments, sweeping
changing anything reminding me
of you,
the chance, the disaster of losing
holding on to what is important
in this life,

That sandy Summer
brings thoughts not of crashing waves
nor walks along the moonlit shores
nor the chance meeting
of our two souls,
nor the importance of seeing, living,
the little things in life
not concentrating on trifles, angry looks,
pieces of paper, non-connected thoughts
for fear of losing
for fear of being just myself again

You brushed up against me
the sand remaining on my skin
reminded me of something,
I’d forgotten

Something, someone, at sometime
I’d forgotten….