Sleeping, Lie Awake Dreaming

Waking up, then
sleeping a bit more
trying to make my dreams
come true,
A simple nap to gain energy
dozing off in the middle of a sentence
sleeping to forget her memory
but that too will fade, as my need
for sleep,

The eternal sleep
one that might just be welcomed
a long life, with its ups and downs
the death of a loved one, then many
all of my contemporaries have gone to sleep
friends and family, others I’ve known
the sleep, eternal
Will I awaken, once again?
will I become something, someone else?

Sleeping late, and over myself
not wanting to get up
A teenager’s eternal quest
to stay sleeping as long as possible
I too feigned sleep, when I was young
hoping against hope
to avoid the less pleasant,
or forget my life at hand,

Sleep regenerates
fills the cup once again
the power to think, to create
the power to love, to destroy

Sleep well, a nice night’s sleep
some might disdain
wasting so many hours
on such a passive endeavor
others will fight for the right
to stay up, coaxing sleep
then laughing at how it tugs
and pulls at our eyelids,
tearing away the fabric
of our patience,
snapping and crying
wanting to know why some choose sleep
while others lie awake, dreaming

But now, as it comes to all of us
it is time to sleep, no
not the eternal sleep, but then
who really knows when that time comes
creeping up, shouting loud
smouldering ashes,
the fire cannot burn any longer?

Sleep, precious sleep
the stuff that dreams are made of
the tired eyes, the want, the need
giving up and into its grasp
falling, swooning, light as a feather
the want of the calm
a moment of peace, before life once again
comes crashing in,

Lie awake dreaming….


3 thoughts on “Sleeping, Lie Awake Dreaming

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  2. Hi…I’ve been by before, but this time I wanted to say congratulations on becoming a dream big partner. Oh, and Danny said Hi!


  3. Hi. You seem vaguely familiar, but then as I get older, others both seem familiar, while being unknown to me. Thanks for reading me on Danny’s site. If he is sitting next to you then look him in the eyes, and say hi from me, or do so even if he isn’t sitting next to you, but don’t tell anyone abut it


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