My Rocky Road Mantra

In need
a new Mantra asking
perhaps a Rocky Road
a Vanilla, Bourbon
Chocolate dipped, nuts optional
how many flavors should I
Her attention,
being mine, when I waved
my Ice Cream Mantra Spoon
following my every movement
“Repeat after me”, I commanded,
Thinking this to be the time
for us,
waving her over to my side
of the road,
My Motorcycle Cop Dark Glasses,
reflecting her inviting lips
and Stracciatella smile,
“I’d invite you over to my place”
she said, rather sexy-like
but the warm sun has melted my feelings
for you,

warm sun melted her feelings
warm sun melted her feelings

I needed yet another Mantra
one that told of her sitting in the shade
in the shade of my Palm Tree
eating a Rocky Road Mantra
Ice Cream, with my name on it,

with my name on it
with my name on it
with our names on it….