My Roof Leaks

I usually
a drop or two
of needed moisture
asking a passing rainbow
to park itself
for a while
or, I fancied a drink
without having
to visit my local
usually open
day and night, but
no moving staircase
to take me there,
if you feel that
I’ve had my fill
perhaps, I’ve rounded a bit
with the bathroom seemingly
farther away, than
the kitchen…

My roof leaks
but patching it
while the rain falls
and the wind blows,
doesn’t appeal,

The view is nice though
perhaps the neighbor is taking
a shower, while I crouch upon my leaky roof,
the perfect excuse if getting caught,
but not with my pants down,

I might just visit a friend
and marvel at nature’s wonders
while my house floats away

on a leaky dream….