That’s what they told me
about things like
boring socks,
cornflakes without the crunch
and relationships
that go nowhere,
Who should decide
what I do in this life?
who I love, and why
if my socks don’t match
o,r if Soggy Cornflakes
are my current Mantra?
Life is too short, worrying
wondering why my dog sniffs
my hair,
or, if my toenail trimmer
can do the deed without fail?
I really should enjoy
getting soaking wet
in a torrential rainstorm,
or, revel in the pleasure
of tired limbs after a good day’s work
why spend time with regrets
worrying about the lack of
toilet paper, or if the kids
are using the money saved up
for my retirement?
My garden is filled with weeds
but I say, Live and let live,
at least the bare ground isn’t crying
for my attention,

Life is too short
worrying about the length of this poem
or the content being fitting
for my faithful readers,

They too must choose
the bitter from the sweet
and decide if their lives as well
are too short, for reading
thoughts like these….