I Wouldn’t Worry

If you didn’t tell me
only once in a while
perhaps, before I fell asleep
or, while sipping
my morning coffee,
It really wasn’t that important
I just like hearing the sound
of your voice,
You might just happen
thinking it being a good time
a passing thought
a note, written on your sleeve,
one of those you’d forgotten
held by a refrigerator magnet,
I wouldn’t tell my friends,
if it would displease you?
We might be sitting next to each other
our feet dangling, my heart was racing
but I was playing it cool,
not showing you how I felt,
about you,
even though you knew it, I know
I’ve often wondered, why
we play these games with each other?
I wouldn’t want to drag it out of you,
force you to disclose anything, you hadn’t
didn’t want to say, to tell me at that moment,
not wanting it to be something, you’d regret
having had to say, at that moment,
to do my bidding, even though some words
some words should be said,
not just eaten, then forgotten
left on a plate, waiting to be washed
words that were caught in your mouth
on the tip of your tongue,
words that hesitated to come out
into the light of day, where they would
delight, creating a sense
of profound well-being,

It might just be me
being the silly one,
someone who just by chance, a whim
a passing thought that maybe
perhaps, before my coffee went cold
or the wall clock told us about being late for work
in a very short instance, something not measured
in seconds, nor hours

I just thought
I wanted to hear
If it pleased you to say

I wouldn’t worry about it
but, when being in love with someone
the reassurance of knowing
that mere fact
the most simple thing
a few carefully chosen words
between the crunch of your toasted bread,
or, while you were putting your coat on
through the crack of the door, before you went out
I ran to wish you goodbye,
waiting to hear a random thought,
your last reply, before leaving for the day,

I’m all right, really I am
I know, I’ve heard it before
even before the sound escaped your lips
I wouldn’t want to appear needy
unsophisticated, or uncertain
in my wants and needs,

I wouldn’t want you to worry
I’ll just be patient
waiting here by the door
waiting to greet you when you return
taking your coat, looking concerned
if the day has been hard for you,

After a hard day at work
a nice meal can do wonders
shoes off, something to drink
someone who cares for you at your side

While we
were sitting conversing
if by chance, a thought came about
one that you had forgotten to mention
just a passing fancy, a slight inflection

I wouldn’t think ill of you

I wouldn’t worry about that one bit…


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