A lover’s tryst
planned and such
meeting someplace
where others would not suspect

Along the Old Mill Road
nearby and yet,
not known by me,
not yet, by her

I drew my coat tight
against my bare skin, where she
nestled her neck against,
being only once before
when we met, in darkness,

Darkness sees what it wishes
and hides what it doesn’t
hidden was our love,
hidden away from other

A lover’s tryst
a silken bed, clothed in you
my doubts quieted
your fingers on my lips,

hidden in the darkness
hiding what it wished
keeping away the fears
the doubts, the want of knowing

when next our tryst
when next our moment

defying all others
lovers, and those
who blindly thought of us
as they who would never,
who could never,

Along the Old Mill Road
where darkness tells no tales
of lover’s tryst,
of lover’s tales

Hidden was our love,
Hidden in the darkness….