Fly Away with Me

A drop of honey
placed upon her tongue
her smile broadening
like rings in her deep pool
of thought
And what of thought
me, her, floating
a dream which won’t allow me
to awaken, one that she kept
locked away, the key enclosed
in clasped hands, cupped forming
a prayer, the silent prayer,
“would that we could be together”
she intoned, as if it were her mantra
the repetition of thought
the murmuring of ancient tongues
receiving each and every
a drop of honey
placed upon the tip
of her tongue..

Fly away with me
she commanded, not being
aloud, but felt within
my beating heat, locked away
the key enclosed

The key she kept close
to her own heart,
wishing, hoping, praying,

“Would that we could be together”

– what my own mantra
has become….