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Making a Door

Who would want
to visit me
when my new door
is completed?

Would I be welcoming
the world to me
or, just a casual
door-to-door salesperson
brushes and knives, something
I easily could live without?

Should it open outwards
or, inwards?
Would that tell the world
what kind of person, I was
out-going, or….

Perhaps, it will protect me from
the elements, and the evil contained
in our world at large?

But then, if I let it stand
perhaps a wayward breeze
would wander on by
taking me away,
taking me away,

If you chanced on by
wouldn’t you just give it
a good knock?

I’d love to see you again
and we could enjoy a freshly-picked
bouquet of local weeds
and talk of things that
we’ve imagined
things that we have saved up
to speak of
on this day, when

My new door
was christened

Opening up new possibilities
for meeting the world

And you…



My profile might reflect who I am, what I think and why I write what I do. My profile might just reveal the inner workings of a deranged mind, a helpless soul, and a self-destructive way of living. Don't worry. I'm OK. I've just lost sight of my little sister in the evening clouds....

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