The ability to love
and love again,
to wonder why,
and not to regret,
for regrets give us nothing
positive in return,

For those who say
“I’ll never love again”
denying themselves
the love of sunrises
and sunsets,
golden and reddish,
laughter and friendship
tasting and drinking
to love is not restricted
to one thing, one person,
one idea,

I have loved
and continue to do so
for living life, knowing
oneself, and one’s thoughts
the love of an idea, of books
of words that tell others
about more words,
I continue to love
and all of its joys, tears
followed by the sadness
of passing, the regret of not being
closer, loving more
loving less,

Our ability
to continue to love
not restricted by hours, nor minutes
nor days without knowing
if Love will find us, or we it
to wonder why, and so many times,
that love sings a song, often heard
not always found, always wanted
regrets about, not finding it in time
not saying the right things, regretting
stopping in time, stopping the thoughts
that others hold dear,

Not stopping,
just putting on hold
until the right time comes,
presents itself, front and center
standing right before our eyes,
almost invisible, hiding in the woodwork
around the corner, down the street
waiting for a bus, that doesn’t come
waiting for someone to share it with,

My ability
to look farther than my words
that sometimes say so much
other times, not at all,
wanting, needing, searching
and waiting like everyone else

Waiting for love to present itself
in all its glory, its bright lights,
the quiet shadows, the silent stream
carrying my fondest wishes downwards
hoping my note, contained in the bottle
of hope and wonderment, finally
will find its way

to my love…