On Her Wedding Day

In the church, I was
sitting in the last row
trying not to cry
knowing, what I did

Everyone, smiling and such
dressed to the hilt
strains of her song, wafted
the air through,

Like scents of her perfume,
favorite and eternal
drawing me closer,
pushing me away,

The day being most special
the one to remember, to cherish
the album with memories, filled
everyone smiling, laughing,

Wedding her, being
most special, and most precious

Wedding her, being not me
the one she’d whose eyes, gaze upon

Wedding her, with me leaving before
the bells still ringing, the doors shut
shutting me out, excluding me from

The party of her life,
with all her loved ones, especially one
with now, where her heart resides
being shared by two, made me think

back to when
I thought that I
would be the one
the only, the special
the chosen,

Taking the flower
from my lapel, letting
it fall upon the ground

Great beauty, wasted
on bitterness, and regret
everything that love,
was not,

A wedding, I attended
today while the sun shone
and the birds sang,
while the heavens looked down
blessing the event,

while I sat in the back row
flower in my lapel
beaming from head to toe,
wishing her the best, and thinking

How lucky, I could have been…


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