Like 2 Sides

We were like 2 sides
she said,
2 sides of the same coin,

I knew, she’d leave me
and leave me, she did
back into the arms
his arms, his embrace
I knew, she would

We were, together as one
“flip a coin” she laughed and said
“tails you lose, heads I win”
Darn her, always right, you see?

She had that look
the one that told me
that leaving, she would
and she did,

He was the sensible
the rock, the stability
she needed,

I was her fun, her laughter
champion of the heart
but win, I did not

We are like 2 sides
the same coin, the same thoughts
no matter how things fell, crashing down,
we were together in the end,

Just not now, not forever
the pain of losing,
more than once, the pain
that ate into my heart
my soul,

I cannot flip a coin,
not anymore,
not without thinking:

Tails, she won,
heads, I lost