I wish, we could have spoken
about those times together
when we found each other
when we discovered love,

I wish, we had taken the chance
to fulfill the longing
the chance to find the one
the one who we knew
was out there,

I wish, we had thrown caution
to the winds, forgetting
the day today,
the consequences, tomorrow
the ones we knew, the ones who trusted
us to be true,

I wish, we had been lovers
pledging our love, forsaking all
not wanting, nor expecting
not fearing the pain
of separation, again

I wish, oh how I wish
I had been strong enough
to break the bonds
of fidelity, to change my destiny

I wish, you were beside me now
smiling and nodding, knowing
about decisions, made
and promises, kept
knowing our choices
were the right ones to make

I wish, oh how I wish….