All The Ages

All the ages
my father was
I’m living them
he was old, you know
when I was young,
One day he asked me,
“when is Rap Music done with?”
Soon, I hope, Soon, I replied.
We were two, you know
children of the last millennium,
When I was young, he was old,
his music was not mine, but then
his music was Country, and mine, Rock
when a day came by, and I listened
to his music, which became mine as well,
What did you do, when you were young, like me?
who did you love and did it hurt as much
and why did you make the choices, you did?
All of those questions, I never asked,
and how could I know what the answers meant,
not having lived as long as he?
And my son, does he understand my music?
Just as much, as I understand his,
and how he thinks, and if he wonders
what it is like, being who I am,
and how I got here, after all those years
and how I still haven’t reached
my father’s age,
Not his final age, just some of them
in-between, and not the same kinds
and not the same music, and Rap is
still around, and I am too,
All the ages, my father was
until this point in time, not being
finished as well, and would you like
to know my mind, when my time
reaches his?

When all my ages reach his….