Weathering Her

She was a tempest

a storm unbridled

shaking my windows and doors,

turning my thoughts

inside out,


Her stormy intentions

darkening horizons

wind lashed hearts

unprotected emotions,


She took me,

and tossed me about,

a ship, lost on endless

ocean currents, frothy whitecaps

drowning embraces,


Her salty kisses

taking me by storm, her jealousy

not being able to stop the advances

of waves and waves

undulating emotion, rolling over

my unsheltered soul,


I, with my sowester,

and stern determination

advancing towards

my fate,

my love


Lightning arcing

the sky illuminated

incensed as if afire

her passions rose and fell

like ships upon the ocean’s



My shipwrecked heart

lying broken and alone

upon the shores of her mercy


Her fury,

leaving no emotion unturned


Her love….



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