Clear Intentions

My clearest intentions
not containing
my otherwise
clouded thoughts
tended to scream
with confusion,

Not unlike when
I chased her out
of my otherwise clockwork
setting my mice free
letting them do the dirty work
for me,

Never wanting to admit
that her existence and mine
were inexplicably linked
only finding our way
by the sounding of fog horns
warning us of bad weather ahead,

Her and I,
our relationship
never clear enough to see,
and never foggy enough
to stop looking
for each other…


Author: notthedane56

My heathen tendencies are waiting to blossom at the Mid-Summer Evening in Denmark. In a Country that professes to have an overwhelming population of believers in the Christian Faith, I am always reassured by their pagan ways, at least one night per year. I won't be throwing myself on the bonfire, but I plan on being warmed by the thoughts of the fun-loving Danes, burning witches at the stake, while singing songs and drinking beer!

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