Wouldn’t You Like

Wouldn’t you like to love somebody, other than the one that says that they love you?

Wouldn’t you like to live somewhere with the someone who says that they love you, more than others?

Wouldn’t you like to be with someone who professes to want you, more than those others who wanted you before?

Wouldn’t you try to leave that someone, and your home and your family to be with someone who promises you the world and means it?

Wouldn’t you want to tell yourself, that you have never been loved like that before, and that you would give anything in the world to get and keep it?

Wouldn’t you want to not look back and consider what you have left behind, because the life that you now have is what you have wanted, hoped for and dreamed about forever?

Wouldn’t you not want to wake up from the dream that has promised you everything, that I have just told you, but I too faded away in the morning light……….