The Sun Beat Down

And I was atop some Mountain
as was the way, I was
back when,
I closed my eyes,
and dreamed
many dreams, of who I would be
some day,

The sun beat down, and the air
was thin, and I was no more steady
than the rock, I sat upon
And rock begat rock
and they multiplied down
the mountain side, leaving me
adrift, as it were

I called out to someone
to rescue me
from myself,
but she only laughed
while walking on the waters,
of my dream mountain sea,
somewhere, elsewhere
being more sturdy, with stronger legs
and a more endearing
smile, than the sun beating down

And I chose to join her
in her boat most seaworthy,
and sail off we did
the ocean of mountains
a veritable sea of canyons,
and a rushing of rivers, churning

And we, together
knew not of this day, when I chose
to close my eyes, atop
some mountain,
with the sun beating down,
being alone, myself
and when I opened
my eyes, she
was gone….

Still dreaming of you…..


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