“How old are you now?”
some have the courage to ask

My answer doesn’t please
as it varies from when they
knew me then,
to knowing me now
“There must be some mistake,
we’ve never known you to be
that age before?”

Looking in the mirror
comparing the me, I look
to the one inside
the one that hides,

Just living my life, not looking
too closely at the depth of the lines
nor the color of the hair,
or, is this just a vision
of some future self
or, one that was never meant
to be, as I
died in that car crash
when I was younger?
or, was it just another future vision
a path never to be taken?

I turned a different corner,
or spoke to a woman, wanting her
distracting me, my thoughts
ending up here, somewhere else,
just combing my hair
looking not necessarily in the mirror
in the dim light, not accentuating
who I am today….