Of Black Cats

A black cat crossed my path
I wanted it to, I ran after it
and it me,
playing with fire, tempting death
calling forth my superstitions
drowning in despair, the blackness
the moment of only possessing
white cats, which didn’t fit the formula
Wanting to fulfill my destiny
the reason for living, my existence
on this planet, the interaction with others
who also only had cats being both black
and white,
The black cats of my life, being absent
when I had decided, when life presented
its credentials, and demanded my attendance
front and center, standing straight and tall
revealing the worth of a man, the worth of
a lifetime,
I chose to walk under ladders instead,
or smash mirrors, until the seven year’s
bad luck, finally decided my destiny,
instead of wasting precious time
where the black cats of my life
had hidden themselves…..


Author: notthedane56

My heathen tendencies are waiting to blossom at the Mid-Summer Evening in Denmark. In a Country that professes to have an overwhelming population of believers in the Christian Faith, I am always reassured by their pagan ways, at least one night per year. I won't be throwing myself on the bonfire, but I plan on being warmed by the thoughts of the fun-loving Danes, burning witches at the stake, while singing songs and drinking beer!

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