Why write words
if we couldn’t enjoy them
like being in your company
the day fades, while your glow
continues to warm
Why should we strive
taking life by the tail
the tiger is unmerciful
biting and scratching
wearing us down,
Why your sweet gentleness
smooths out the rough lines
the uneven thoughts
comprising my day,
If not for each other
would our words have
the same strength
or the same meaning?
Would I have directed
my thoughts and my hopes
my dreams, my dreams
Would I have written
my innermost feelings
my best intentions
my fondest hopes
if not for you?
When in my life
when I ever before
when I met someone like you
like you,
If not for each other
then we wouldn’t be here
right here and right now,
writing words
trying to make sense of it all
trying to figure out
what we really mean
to each other…