My Awake Intentions

My awake intentions
started to slip
and fall
lapsing into sleep
the edges of dreams
tugged and tempted
my sleepy mind, losing ground
losing patience with the day
this day, any day, one of a million
not able to accomplish, nothing more
of note.
the day fading, the colors fading
into sky nighttime blues,
sunset yellows and oranges,
the birds are sleeping as well,
Do birds dream? I wondered aloud
dreaming of another day, of sun and sky
of wind, and others, who have dreamed
the same, the same,
My eyes not cooperating
my fingers concur, these words finding
an end to all ends,
not to awaken, not the same
nor in the same place, with the same intentions
that I started to have
before I pushed and tempted sleep
to stay away, to venture out,
tempting other eyes, and thoughts
to lull those intentions
to sleep,
In the end, I know
to succumb, to let go
to release my mind, to float away
until the morning catches up
and catches my fading dreams
and corrals them, like wild horses
stomping and biting at the bit
falling asleep standing, dreaming horse dreams
waking me
and my dream edges, fading,
tugging and tempting, no more
reality rushes in

and loudly…..